Since 1989, Lynn Blumenthal has been casting film, television, commercials and industrial/web projects from her 6th floor warehouse district office.  Her passion for the business is only outweighed by her respect and love for the actors and clients she feels so honored to work with.

For over 20 years, “LBC” has been providing clients around the country with an impeccable eye for talent and the ability to direct the best performance from them. Our relationship with clients is based on the fundamental belief that honesty and integrity are paramount in the casting process.  “Quality over Quantity” has always been the guidepost at LBC. 

From start to finish – our job is to ensure that your job is made easier. Having worked with some of the best film directors (David Lynch, Sam Raimi, Tony Bill, Ted Demme) and producers (Michael Polaire, Alan Blomquist, Barry Mendel, Christine Walker) has proven to be the greatest casting education imaginable.  It’s not just about finding the “best” talent; it’s about finding the “right” talent. 

Whether we’re casting a feature film, national commercial or local web video, you can trust our guidance and excellence in the process and feel confident that your project lies in the best hands possible.

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